| Sunday, July 5th, 2009 |

It was so hot yesterday, but I was not surprised at all to see so many Austinites or Austonians brave the humid, hot heat to enjoy the beautiful display of fireworks over the lake. Downtown Austin was filled with so many people that I had to park and walk over a mile (in sandals, what was I thinking?) to find a nice place to enjoy the fireworks.

Everyone was having fun, patiently waiting for the show and I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to a fellow photographer and her husband, Meredith and Jason, who recently moved here from Denver. So after meeting new friends, the oohs and aahs, and nice ovation after an amazing firework show, I have to say it was a good 4th of July. Here are some photos of the show, enjoy and take care.

I really love the series of photos where the guy was sitting on a rock sticking out in the middle of the lake.






| Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 |

I had the pleasure of working with Chelsea the other day to take some headshots for Texas A&M’s Greek Rush. We headed out to the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort, ducking golf balls, dodging golf carts and trying to stay cool, in the end we got the shots we needed and I didn’t have a golf ball lodged into my camera gear or head.

Chelsea is taking a summer break from her studies to spend time with her family and friends in Austin, before heading back to College Station in July. Chelsea is currently hoping to have a career in the health care field and I wish her the best.





| Friday, April 17th, 2009 |

Lately, I have been wanting to experiment more with off-camera lighting.  I follow Zack Arias, the Strobist, Ed Pingol and have several photographer friends that are great with lighting and just wanted to try out some ideas I had in mind.  I also wanted to try out some Pocket Wizards. Yes, I am probably the only photographer who wants to do off camera lighting that doesn’t have the PWs, LOL.  Well, I finally rented some PWs and am thoroughly happy with its performance and I can see why so many photographers swear by them.

Here are some pictures of the shoot with aspiring model Steven.  Steven contacted me regarding getting some portfolio pictures and was a great sport for waking up so early to get ready and do the shoot at seven in the morning.  Steven was laid back, probably because he was still tired and wondering why he agreed to wake up so early and was very patient as the wind kept on blowing over my strobe. My intention was for a beautiful sunrise and a sunny partly cloudy day, but I ended up with a windy cloudy overcast.  We made the most of it and I was actually happy with how the pictures came out.  I thank you Steven for having such a great attitude that early in the day and for catching my light stand every time the wind blew over.  Note to self – invest in sandbags.

Well enjoy and take care everyone.